Motivation for Poetry

Want to submit to MUSH but cannot think of a story to write? Easy! Write a poem instead! In my completely unbiased opinion as one of the poetry editors, poems are heaps upon heaps better than short stories. We aren’t expecting you to send in perfect iambic pentameter, not that we would complain if you did, with poetry you are free to choose your own structure, to rhyme or not to rhyme, to follow whatever paths the words take you down. You want to send in a 500 word poem about one leaves journey from a tree to the ground? Awesome! You want to write a 10 word poem on sex? Fantastic! All we are ask of you is that you take this as an opportunity to express yourself, to set free your thoughts and to write down where they wander. It does not matter if you wrote your poem in a café in Paris while sipping a coffee, black. Or if you wrote in in the margins of your math notebook waiting for your next class in the Union. So write! Submit! Be published!

-Hayley Weissman


Submission Time Winds Down

The submission deadline for Mush ’15 is looming large on the horizon, October 17th. The works the editorial staff has had the pleasure of experiencing makes me excited for the coming weeks of debate and discussion.

If you have a piece of art that you have sweat/cried/exerted over then please send it to

We look forward to receiving and reading all of your works of art!

On Beginnings and Goals: Notes From Our Editors

I’m not quite sure how to describe how excited I am to be editor-in-chief of this year’s Mush Magazine without sounding exceedingly peppy and insincere. I have a lot of thoughts on how this magazine can be made to reach its full potential. In short, my main goal is to produce a great magazine that people will enjoy, and display the talent of UWMC and NTC students.

Heidi Lindsley, Editor-in-Chief

Looking forward to this year’s Mush magazine, I’m incredibly excited to help piece together and help voice the artistic thoughts of the many college students in the Wausau area.  If there was one word to describe how I feel about this year’s issue, it would be fresh: we at Mush are proud this year to bring fresh, vibrant and multifaceted work to our readers, and can’t wait to broadcast the voices of so many up-and-coming authors and artists.  Rest assured that this year’s amazing staff is dedicated to making the very best literary magazine UWMC and NTC students have to offer!

Jacob Joyce, Managing Editor

MUSH Progression As Of 3/3/2014

Hello fellow readers,

As you all may know, we’re in the middle of picking our final decisions on what submissions we want to publish and what we want MUSH to represent as a literary magazine for UWMC.  We’ve had a lot of good discussions on all the entries and have a lot of submissions to look over for our final decision.

So far, we’ve narrow-downed the finalists and now are in the progress of working on what entries we would like in this edition.  I hope you guys will continue reading and keep up with us as we progress to make a truly amazing literary magazine this year.

Thanks again to all the participates in submitting to our magazine and I hope to keep you all updated on what will lay ahead for UWMC MUSH magazine.

Tune in for more updates,
MUSH Web Editor

Thank You and MUSH progress as of 02/20/2014

Hi Readers,

Sorry for not keeping up to date with the blog. Our team has been working hard looking over submissions we’ve gotten so far. I would like to take a moment and thank all the authors and artists that have submitted to our literary magazine and would like to inform them that although not all submission will be selected for the magazine, it’s still a great step for you, the author or artist, to take just by submitting your work. Thank you.

We are working hard to try and achieve a successful literary magazine this year. We’re taking it step by step. We’ve gone through almost all the submissions and are trying to narrow down what we want to include in our magazine. I will keep you all updated on what we will be doing next as we still have more entries to look over.

I would like to ask the readers, what steps to take in making our Facebook page and blog page more successful in getting viewers and followers? What do you think is a great way to let others know about our two year university magazine and what our team does? I want to make sure that I’m fulfilling the needs of what it takes to make our blog and Facebook more interesting not just for myself and the MUSH team, but also for our readers. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, thanks so much to all the submissions from the authors/artists. I’ll be back again to update on our progress.

MUSH Web Editor

Call of Submissions-Deadline Extended


We’re still looking for more submissions for our literary magazine. All inspiring authors and artists are highly encourage to submit their work. We’ve extended our deadline to be February 19th. Please send your submissions our way to If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to ask via email/Facebook/comments.

Here is the link to our Facebook page, if you have not liked our page or would just like to check it out.


All Submissions Are In!

The deadline for 2013 submissions for Mush has now closed, sadly.  However, we get to make the final desicions on which pieces to include and start laying out the magazine!  Mush will come out in May so until then, we (the 2013 Mush Editors) will keep you updated about our progress to give you more of an insight of what producing a literary magazine is like.  It’s going to be an amazing experience and even more so because it gets to be shared with all of you!  More updates soon!  Thank you all for the support it really is greatly appreciated!

Lauren David

Web Editor 2013