Vermillion Waltz

140307a Vermillion Waltz

Lurking from the darkest corners comes a strident force.
Lurking from the tightest spaces comes a hidden force.
Lurching away from the realm of non-existence,
Hungrily gnawing away at the chance of co-existence.
Shortly before its dissipation,

One might look to give its final realization.


Asphalt Sundae

140306a Asphalt Sundae

In the midst of a sweetened bitterness lies a bitter sweetness.
Wake and do something worthwhile, says the greatest of the worst.
Do something worthwhile and wake, says the worst of the greatest.
In the midst of a sweetened bitterness lies the sweetest of the bitter.
In the midst of a sweetened bitterness lies the most bitter of the sweet.
In the midst of this ashened treat comes a turn.
Whether it leaves the bitter or the sweet, it welcomes the sweet or the bitter.


140305a Galewind

The glass of a crimson surface dims on the sound of an oncoming looming darkness.
These waves of darkness pierce through to and fro, stealing away the essence from those unfortunate to cross its path.
The essence stolen no longer stands to silence, reverberating in the harmony of a sound lost in time.
The third bell has chimed, summoning the wind to shatter the glass within.