Michaela Bargender

I’m Michaela Bargender, and I am a second semester editor for MUSH magazine. I base my artistic aesthetic on good writing. While I do like to draw, I tend to get more out of writing, so I will start with stories, books, movie plots and song lyrics. If I had to describe what good writing is, I would say that the words on the pages are magic. In several fantasy books and movies words also manipulate magic to preform spells, but the most important thing is to take the reader on an adventure without them doubting that it wasn’t real. How many readers wish that they could attend Hogwarts, being a fairy, or imagine themselves as a character in X-Men or Agents of shield? Fight the bad guy? Be the bad guy? This is where the writing should take people. Last year, I believe that MUSH accomplished this. It is my goal to help make that happen again this year.

I am a Lord of the Rings fan (of the books and movies). The trilogy is collectively a very beautiful piece of art. The books are more of a difficult read, but they are too entertaining. I really love Pippin’s song in The Return of the King, written by Billy Boyd. Boyd plays the role of Pippin, a Hobbit. His song is being sung as the Steward of Gondor’s last son is riding to a very eminent death. (If you haven’t seen or read The Lord of the Rings, I also recommend it.) The dialog is quick and brainy and is always a pleasure to hear.

Now more people watch movies nowadays than read. they are looking at the art of the CGI and the director’s camera angles to give the viewer a better perspective of the emotions of the characters. I think it be really interesting if MUSH could get more 3-D computer animation snap shots. It could be a really cool and new addition to MUSH.

I like anything that sparks my interest. A few poem authors, to name a few (so it doesn’t look like I threw off the greats entirely), I like Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and William Shakespeare. Witty, new, and original, and unfortunately all I really know for now. I’m planning on branching out. senior pic


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