Haley Whitehouse

Everything I read, watch or listen to become material that I use to put into any pieces that I write. I love to read romance and fantasy books. Fantasy books allow me to escape the real world and explore a whole new world. Reading just paints vivid images in my head and I can never wait to pick up my next “movie.” Movies are a great way to help a writer, like me, figure out how characters can develop and how we can portray a character. Some movies that I recommend are Avatar, The Hunger Game Series and Dirty Dancing. Some of the shows I watch are, NCIS(all of them), Criminal Minds and I love watching Animal Planet. I also use music to help come up with creative words and phrases. I love listening to country, pop, hip-hop, rap and I only listen to classical music if I am doing readings for classes. Some of my favorite songs are “House Party” by Sam Hunt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FhRhzAWzLA) and “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhnaqcUZ7GQ).

Besides watching TV and reading books, I also love reading pieces of prose and poetry, so I hope we have the chance to read many submissions of both kinds. Funny pieces are great to read, but so are serious pieces. For MUSH I hope we obtain a wide variety of each. One prose and poem that I enjoyed from last years issue of MUSH are The Ghost of Weatherfield Community Pool and the poem Live. I wish that many people submit this year and I hope my fellow editors submit also because everyone deserves a chance to have their work produced. I look forward to reading all the submissions and working on MUSH this year. Ready, Set, Submit!


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