Dylan Genrich

Hi, I’m Dylan and a sophomore at UWMC this year. I was going to be a MUSH editor last year, but I missed out the first semester and so decided that I would rather become an editor this year, to get the whole experience. I guess I’ll say a little bit about myself. Since I was a kid, I was always surrounded by literature, whether my mom was reading me the latest exploits of Harry Potter, or I was fabricating my own little stories. I can remember them, cramped words on lined paper, hastily slapped and stapled together, with indiscernible illustrations scrawled on the bottom. They were my first attempt at storytelling. Now though, my preferences have changed, and I know what to look for in writing. I really love fiction, and personally find it the most interesting of the genres. I always like to read whatever fantastical stories people conjure up. I like to look for a good blend of everything in what I read but look especially for small details I didn’t know I wanted to know. I feel like they tie the story together. I’m also familiar with poetry, and though I don’t know it as well as prose, I find the occasional dark poem to be an entertaining work of art.

Here are some more tidbits about me:
-My favorite book series include Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Rangers Apprentice and Pendragon.
-My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and anything Anime.
-My favorite bands are Rise against, Iron Maiden, and Thousand Foot Krutch.
I look forward to seeing some great submissions!



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