Kwan Yin Chan

Hi, I am KY Chan. As an international student from Hong Kong, I am intrigued by the beauty of English, especially in poetry, so I am pursuing an English major. In my leisure time, I like to play the piano, practice Chinese martial arts, and learn about meditation.  I have participated in a series of debating tournaments when I was in high school. The debating topics are always controversial, which often broaden my horizon with multiple perspectives. Served in the captain position of the team is a great chance to know the importance of time-management and working under pressure.   I have also frequently taken part in public speaking competitions, since they are precious opportunities to speak in front of people. With practice, I have built self-confidence and become competent in delivery in a logical and concise manner.   In addition, I maintain time for my hobbies, with reading as my particularly fruitful one. Being inquisitive, I love reading novels, plays and poems. French play “Les Justes”, Indian poet “Rabindranath Tagore” and Chinese novel “the Romance of the Three Kingdoms” are some of my favorites.   As an editor in MUSH magazine, I hope to explore and appreciate more flowery and poetic articles as well as art work from the UWMC students.

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Michaela Bargender

I’m Michaela Bargender, and I am a second semester editor for MUSH magazine. I base my artistic aesthetic on good writing. While I do like to draw, I tend to get more out of writing, so I will start with stories, books, movie plots and song lyrics. If I had to describe what good writing is, I would say that the words on the pages are magic. In several fantasy books and movies words also manipulate magic to preform spells, but the most important thing is to take the reader on an adventure without them doubting that it wasn’t real. How many readers wish that they could attend Hogwarts, being a fairy, or imagine themselves as a character in X-Men or Agents of shield? Fight the bad guy? Be the bad guy? This is where the writing should take people. Last year, I believe that MUSH accomplished this. It is my goal to help make that happen again this year.

I am a Lord of the Rings fan (of the books and movies). The trilogy is collectively a very beautiful piece of art. The books are more of a difficult read, but they are too entertaining. I really love Pippin’s song in The Return of the King, written by Billy Boyd. Boyd plays the role of Pippin, a Hobbit. His song is being sung as the Steward of Gondor’s last son is riding to a very eminent death. (If you haven’t seen or read The Lord of the Rings, I also recommend it.) The dialog is quick and brainy and is always a pleasure to hear.

Now more people watch movies nowadays than read. they are looking at the art of the CGI and the director’s camera angles to give the viewer a better perspective of the emotions of the characters. I think it be really interesting if MUSH could get more 3-D computer animation snap shots. It could be a really cool and new addition to MUSH.

I like anything that sparks my interest. A few poem authors, to name a few (so it doesn’t look like I threw off the greats entirely), I like Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and William Shakespeare. Witty, new, and original, and unfortunately all I really know for now. I’m planning on branching out. senior pic

Dylan Genrich

Hi, I’m Dylan and a sophomore at UWMC this year. I was going to be a MUSH editor last year, but I missed out the first semester and so decided that I would rather become an editor this year, to get the whole experience. I guess I’ll say a little bit about myself. Since I was a kid, I was always surrounded by literature, whether my mom was reading me the latest exploits of Harry Potter, or I was fabricating my own little stories. I can remember them, cramped words on lined paper, hastily slapped and stapled together, with indiscernible illustrations scrawled on the bottom. They were my first attempt at storytelling. Now though, my preferences have changed, and I know what to look for in writing. I really love fiction, and personally find it the most interesting of the genres. I always like to read whatever fantastical stories people conjure up. I like to look for a good blend of everything in what I read but look especially for small details I didn’t know I wanted to know. I feel like they tie the story together. I’m also familiar with poetry, and though I don’t know it as well as prose, I find the occasional dark poem to be an entertaining work of art.

Here are some more tidbits about me:
-My favorite book series include Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Rangers Apprentice and Pendragon.
-My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and anything Anime.
-My favorite bands are Rise against, Iron Maiden, and Thousand Foot Krutch.
I look forward to seeing some great submissions!


Haley Whitehouse

Everything I read, watch or listen to become material that I use to put into any pieces that I write. I love to read romance and fantasy books. Fantasy books allow me to escape the real world and explore a whole new world. Reading just paints vivid images in my head and I can never wait to pick up my next “movie.” Movies are a great way to help a writer, like me, figure out how characters can develop and how we can portray a character. Some movies that I recommend are Avatar, The Hunger Game Series and Dirty Dancing. Some of the shows I watch are, NCIS(all of them), Criminal Minds and I love watching Animal Planet. I also use music to help come up with creative words and phrases. I love listening to country, pop, hip-hop, rap and I only listen to classical music if I am doing readings for classes. Some of my favorite songs are “House Party” by Sam Hunt ( and “Kick the Dust Up” by Luke Bryan(

Besides watching TV and reading books, I also love reading pieces of prose and poetry, so I hope we have the chance to read many submissions of both kinds. Funny pieces are great to read, but so are serious pieces. For MUSH I hope we obtain a wide variety of each. One prose and poem that I enjoyed from last years issue of MUSH are The Ghost of Weatherfield Community Pool and the poem Live. I wish that many people submit this year and I hope my fellow editors submit also because everyone deserves a chance to have their work produced. I look forward to reading all the submissions and working on MUSH this year. Ready, Set, Submit!