Jessica G. Tidwell

I love reading various categories of books. I have a strong passion to advance my knowledge by reading different kinds of work. When looking at the ranges of works, I usually look for a message that others miss and the true beauty that outlines behind the skillful work.
In movies, photos, or anything related to art, I am very open minded. Anything has the chance to grab my attention. There are all different types of experiences that lie within the work and it is truly amazing to be able to share the attractiveness of all the above.
Additionally, I love to write and share stories from my own experiences. Two more creativity affections that I partake in are painting and photography. Painting is my hobby, but my favorite to pertain in is sketching any observations I view with my eyes and with a simple click from a camera. I am lucky to capture the situation taking place and to share the beauty from painting and photography with others.
One in a life time moment that is taking place with a simple click with a camera or the picture to help demonstrate to others the views that I saw and be able to share the image with them.
I love viewing mostly everything for the true beauty that lines in the message within photography, stories, poems, art work, etc… I am looking forward to contributing in MUSH Magazine.


Grant Woller

I’m honored to be this year’s editor in chief. I’m already a published MUSH submitter, my piece, “The Artful Dickens,” was in last year’s issue. I make comedy sketches and the occasional screenplay or short story.

When I’m not making my own stuff, I enjoy authors such as Neil Gaiman, Charles Dickens, and Terry Pratchett.

I read a lot of comic books too, particularly Batman and Spider-Man, as well as anything by Grant Morrison or Brian Bendis.

For movies and TV, it doesn’t get any better than Joss Whedon’s ‘Avengers’ and ‘Firefly,’ the Russos and Dan Harmon’s ‘Community,’ or the Coen brothers.

As mentioned, I’m an avid film buff, and I tend to look for detailed atmosphere, vivid imagery, rounded, developed characters, and quirky twists in a lot of what I read. Of course, as one can infer from my diverse media log, I have been known to enjoy pieces with many other qualities at the forefront as well.

Above all, with the help of the staff and our talented submitters, I hope this issue of MUSH is a memorable oneGRANT