The final final deadline is approaching. One day away, to be exact. This is the third submission window of the 2015 edition of Mush Magazine, and the extra time has served us wonderfully. The amount of submissions allows for great debate amongst the team.

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain the method with which the Mush team narrows down our submission pool. It’s a largely democratic process, involving a tally of votes of all the editors. These totals are then used to influence discussion and, at times, argument about the merits of a piece, and whether or not it should have a higher score. After months of debate specifically appointed prose, poetry and art editors compile the top vote getting pieces into a packet for further review, which spawns even more weeks of conversation on the submissions.

This is where we will find ourselves following the closing of the submission window. Just a few months from publishing the results of not just the staff’s hard work, but also the students. We are eager to see the results!


Continuation of Submissions

Hey, readers!

The Mush staff has been hard at work narrowing, editing, and responding to as many individuals as we possibly could. The entire crew is putting in the necessary effort to bring forth the quality that is expected of our favorite literary magazine.

In this spirit we would like to remind everyone that the submission deadline has been pushed back to allow for more individuals to send us their works! Remember, we allow a wide variety of mediums! Short stories, artwork, photographs, poems. If you can create it, you can submit it.

Thank you, from the Mush crew!