Marketing and Sales Editor—-Taylor Schlinkmann

I like to think that Mush magazine will be seen as something that pushes the limits or boundaries of typical literature common in a college setting. As sales and marketing editor for the magazine, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I want others to view our 2014 version of Mush. In past years it’s been something that students disregarded and was thrown in the trash. That will not happen this year and we, the editors, have made sure of that.

As a group, we have strategically chosen everything from our final pieces for the issue to our marketing tactics. All of these things have come together to embody a piece of literature that sparks creativity amongst writers, artists, and even those who may have believed they had no interest in such things.

I am a firm believer in the idea that marketing makes or breaks a product. Our latest marketing endeavor was to purchase 100 pens. Some of you are probably asking yourselves why we would choose pens to spend our already minimal funding on. We are a college run literary magazine. Who doesn’t use pens in college? We are planning on simply walking up to people in the halls, handing them a pen, maybe saying have a nice day, and then moving on. We don’t want to overwhelm anyone, but this tactic definitely will still do the job to advertise the magazine.

The Mush staff is continuously planning new marketing opportunities that everyone will be seeing around campus very soon.


Entry from Jazzmin MUSH Poetry Editor

We have finally hit the button to send in our draft with all the little issues fixed and ready for printing! Though it was simply just a click, it had the weight of our magazine behind it with the editors gleaming with pride. Personally, I wait eagerly to get the real copy back and be able to hold it in my hand for the first time knowing there are some fantastic writers in them eager to let others read their work. There is a different feel to reading something when it is ‘officially’ published rather than just on a document. Before it was more through the eyes of someone much more critical with the idea that we had nearly 200 submissions that needed to be narrowed down knowing our magazine could not hold them all. However, with the published copy on our way I can finally read these works for pleasure making it almost like a new experience.

Being that this is my last semester here at UWMC, I hope that our issue will be an inspiration to future students to see if they can top ours. Though each magazine we have published are equally just as well made, with writings anyone could enjoy, it is always interesting to see people pick things out from the magazine to see what they liked and did not like. From there they can try and model it into something they like and can feel pride for what they have created even if the next group may not like something. This just allows the MUSH magazine to evolve throughout the years – which is something interesting to watch.

Thanks for reading,
Jazzmin Nylund
Poetry Editor