Words from One of Our Prose Editor, Kelsey

Dear Readers

Hey, too all of you other literary enthusiasts out there. Let me start be saying I love to read and I have enjoyed reading all of the submissions we have received. I am one of the Prose editors this year for Mush. I am also one of the published authors from last year’s edition. I took a leap of courage, like all of the people who have submitted this and years past, and submitted a couple of pieces. After I submitted my pieces last year I waited those long weeks for an acceptance or rejection, hoping against hope that I would get an acceptance. I wondered what was in the minds of the editors as they read them. This was one of the reasons I decided to join the Mush staff. I wanted to see what was “behind the curtain.”

I have learned a lot so far in class. We received a record of submissions this year and were put to the daunting task of reading them all. Reading so many submissions at once, usually through the night, taught me that first impression of piece a matters. I could usual tell after the first reading if a liked something or not, however I did have to reread in order what they were truly trying to say. One of the things that has stuck with me about the prose submissions is their endings.

Many of the submissions had ending that seem rushed or were unsatisfactory. I think this is because the prose pieces have to be short. A writer gets to the end and just wraps it up cutting off his or her piece. My advice to growing writers out there, like myself, is to take more care with the ending. Perhaps start with it and work backwards. I encourage every one of you literary enthusiasts to submit next and the year after that. You never know what will catch the next set of editor’s eye.


The Process Is Almost Done

Dear Readers, Writers and those who sent submissions for the 2014 edition,

Thank you and congratulations! (For being any of the above and for finding or blog!)

Submissions are in for this year and I’m pleased to say we surpassed totals from last year, having over 180 submissions! The submissions range from authors as young as 16 and as wise as 72 years old! The variety was also fantastic. Poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, plays, digital photography, oil paintings, sculpture…. The quality of the magazine will be a direct reflection of the amount and variety of submissions we received.

We are still going through the process of reviewing all of the submissions and discussing (sometimes heatedly) which pieces will make it into the magazine and which, unfortunately cannot. As a fledgling author and a submitter to various literary magazines myself, I would just like to take a moment to consider those of you who put your creativity out to the world and do not get selected. I know it’s difficult but would encourage you not to view it as a rejection but a wonderful first step past insecurity or the scrutiny of others. That in itself takes courage and I thank each and every one of you.

From selections we will be moving into the layout and print aspects of the magazine. I encourage each of you to also visit our Facebook page, where we will be asking for feedback and discussion as to future aspects of the magazine. Toward the end of the semester there will be a release party held in the Union on campus and I encourage students, alumni and community members to attend, read aloud and enjoy some free food (well, not free, but already paid for!).


Shawn Igers
Managing Editor
Mush Magazine 2014

Asphalt Sundae

140306a Asphalt Sundae

In the midst of a sweetened bitterness lies a bitter sweetness.
Wake and do something worthwhile, says the greatest of the worst.
Do something worthwhile and wake, says the worst of the greatest.
In the midst of a sweetened bitterness lies the sweetest of the bitter.
In the midst of a sweetened bitterness lies the most bitter of the sweet.
In the midst of this ashened treat comes a turn.
Whether it leaves the bitter or the sweet, it welcomes the sweet or the bitter.


140305a Galewind

The glass of a crimson surface dims on the sound of an oncoming looming darkness.
These waves of darkness pierce through to and fro, stealing away the essence from those unfortunate to cross its path.
The essence stolen no longer stands to silence, reverberating in the harmony of a sound lost in time.
The third bell has chimed, summoning the wind to shatter the glass within.