Thank You and MUSH progress as of 02/20/2014

Hi Readers,

Sorry for not keeping up to date with the blog. Our team has been working hard looking over submissions we’ve gotten so far. I would like to take a moment and thank all the authors and artists that have submitted to our literary magazine and would like to inform them that although not all submission will be selected for the magazine, it’s still a great step for you, the author or artist, to take just by submitting your work. Thank you.

We are working hard to try and achieve a successful literary magazine this year. We’re taking it step by step. We’ve gone through almost all the submissions and are trying to narrow down what we want to include in our magazine. I will keep you all updated on what we will be doing next as we still have more entries to look over.

I would like to ask the readers, what steps to take in making our Facebook page and blog page more successful in getting viewers and followers? What do you think is a great way to let others know about our two year university magazine and what our team does? I want to make sure that I’m fulfilling the needs of what it takes to make our blog and Facebook more interesting not just for myself and the MUSH team, but also for our readers. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, thanks so much to all the submissions from the authors/artists. I’ll be back again to update on our progress.

MUSH Web Editor


Call of Submissions-Deadline Extended


We’re still looking for more submissions for our literary magazine. All inspiring authors and artists are highly encourage to submit their work. We’ve extended our deadline to be February 19th. Please send your submissions our way to If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to ask via email/Facebook/comments.

Here is the link to our Facebook page, if you have not liked our page or would just like to check it out.


Words from the Web Editor of MUSH 2014

Dragonflies by Shawn Igers

Let us staple
the wings of dragonflies
to the backs of our eyes
and drift away
on the early morning
dregs of day
To a place far beyond
this sullied pond
of here, now and this
to a flower-topped perch
of dragonfly bliss

Hello fellow readers of MUSH’s web blog,

I am Ashley, the web editor, for this year’s MUSH edition. I would like to introduce myself to the audience and let you know a little about me. I’m new to this literary magazine stuff and I’m willing to learn more about the behind the scenes and also what makes a outstanding literary magazine whether it would be MUSH or others. The start of this entry, I had place one of the many submissions selected from last year’s MUSH and figured those who haven’t seen or read the magazine will like a little short from what would be provided from our magazine this year. Also, I will be starting each posting with a new poem or short story from the previous editions.

My goal for this blog is not only to make it known to others that this exists but also to let them see what works we are applying into this year’s edition. I don’t want the student body to feel that we don’t want their involvement whatsoever when it comes to this magazine, since after all, our magazine is being published with their support from their tuition. I hope that my entries will keep you entertained and willing to come back for more. Through this Spring semester of 2014, I’ll be updating this blog and also the other editors will give their entries on what’s on their minds and so forth.

Although, many of you may think that we will just pick and choose authors/artists that we, the editors, know, that is incorrect. We will be choosing without bias and with open minds, picking those we think is the best and those that qualify for the position into the MUSH 2014 magazine. I don’t want those that are afraid to submit to feel intimidated because honestly, you will never know what our opinion will be like for your work. Just submit and let fate take care of the rest. ​