By Cassidy Reynolds

As spring turns to summer my enthusiasm for homework wanes. Outside, the sun beckons and I notice myself mentally “checking out”. Fortunately, we English 205 students still have something to look forward to besides finals. Though the semester is ending, the excitement for the editors of Mush Magazine has really just begun! Tomorrow, May 6 from 12:30 – 2:30 we will reveal the final publication at the official release party for Mush in the Student Union at UWMC.

These past months we have done our best to compile a wide range of unique art and literature created by students and community members. We are very proud of the pieces we’ve chosen and are thrilled to see the final product of everybody’s hard work. Mush magazine editors would like to thank all of the incredibly talented authors, poets, artists, and playwrights who submitted their pieces this year. The hardest thing about being an editor was trying to choose between all these awesome pieces!

I realized during this process, that literary magazines can only print one or two examples of a certain genre. For instance, if we had already chosen two nature poems, another nature poem, no matter it’s quality, would have to be rejected. This insight gave me an entirely new confidence to submit my work, free from the crippling fear of being rejected. Through the Mush submission process, I have learned that rejection usually means that there just wasn’t a place for that particular piece in that publication’s layout.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was eleven years old. I am now thirty and can honestly say that I have just recently submitted my first piece of work to the August Derleth contest. Prior to that I had always been terrified that my writing wasn’t good enough, and I was even embarrassed to let people read it! I found out yesterday that the story I submitted to the contest was not chosen. Before taking English 205 this news would have devastated me. Now I reflect back on the intense anxiety that rejection had caused me and I laugh at myself.

It was an honor and privilege to have been a part of this year’s Mush Magazine team, who worked really hard and did a great job. I am also extremely grateful to Professor Jill Stukenberg, who inspired me to let go of my fears and put my work out there. The main point I’ll take away from the Mush magazine experience is that the road to acceptance is paved with multiple rejections, Ultimately, it is one’s strength, resolve, determination and perseverance that inevitably determines their success at achieving publication.